Upcoming Events

December 5th                               1st Tuesday at the Bubbs

December 7th                               Last day of practice for the semester

December 10th                             SoCal #3 ~ MBYC

December 22nd                            Rose Bowl roster published

December 29th                             Harold Adams roster published

January 4th                                   Rose Bowl practice for the roster at NHYC

January 5th                                   Rose Bowl practice for the roster in Long Beach

January 6th-7th                            Rose Bowl Regatta

January 14th-15th                          Harold Adams Regatta

January 29th – February 1            Finals

February 3rd-4th                          SoCal #4 ~ ABYC

February 6th & 8th                       Spring Try-outs for ALL returning and new sailors

February 12th                               Mandatory Parent Meeting